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The Australian-made NFT horse racing online platform Zed Run, which is built on blockchain technology, generates significant revenues. People have shown a strong desire to create a digital horse racing platform that incorporates non-fungible tokens, cryptocurrencies, and horse racing.

To facilitate the global spread of the NFT gaming ecosystem, Our NFT developers provide unrestricted support to young entrepreneurs who desire to launch a Zed Run-like NFT horse racing gaming platform at a low cost.

Many interesting NFT games have contributed significantly to the recognition of NETS in the crypto environment. Cryptokittens, Gods Unchained, Decentraland, Zen Run, and other NFT games are popular. Many businesses are currently transferring their investments to betting games such as virtual horse racing.

Zed Run, a new digital racing NFT game

Zed Run is believed to be a blockchain-based digital racing game. This game is similar to real-life horse racing in that participants win money and return home. Zed Run is a computerized version of the traditional racing platform. The digital horses are represented as non-fungible tokens in this game. All of the horses are one-of-a-kind, and they are raised through training and breeding to improve their racing performance. After that, the digital horse’s owner can keep them or sell them on the NFT marketplace.

Instantly Launch your Digital Horse Racing Game Like Zed Run

NFTs are soaring to new heights, with new use-cases being added to their repertoire on a daily basis. When investors from all over the world suddenly became interested in digital arts, the crypto-collectibles bubble started.

Since then, NFTs have expanded their wings across a variety of industries, including digital arts, e-commerce, virtual real estate, social media, sports trading collectible cards (memorabilia), and gaming.

The gaming business is one industry that has fully embraced the advantages of NFTs. With everyone’s beloved Pokemons, Axie Infinity made a splash. It allowed users to breed their favorite Pokemon and battle against other players with them. Since then, this practice has been gaining traction. Zed Run is another NFT gaming platform that has virtualized fun and profitable horse racing.

Software Development for White Label Zed Run Clone Script

White Label Zed Run Clone Script Software is a 100% White Label Solution that allows you to create Blockchain-powered NFT Games like Zed Run as well as a robust NFT Marketplace to display digital collectibles in the form of digital horses. Most of the NFT gameplay perks and benefits of the original Zed Run NFT game are included in the White Label Zed Run Marketplace Clone. This White label Zed Run Marketplace Clone is already market-ready, saving you time and money, and it can be adjusted to your game business specs on-demand.

How To Launch A NFT Digital Horse Game Like Zed Run?

We Blockchain Technologies – NFT Game Development Company you may start and build your own blockchain NFT game like Zed Run. Zed Run is an NFT game that may be played in a variety of modes, including

Mode 1: Creating the NFT Gaming Platform from the ground up, giving the Zed Run’s exact end-to-end NFT gaming services.

White Label Zed is the second mode. Run the Clone Script and customize it according to the features and parameters supplied by the client.

Internal Components of Zed Run Platform

The Zed run NFT game is backed by the necessary components for any digital racing NFT game creation, such as a marketplace, breeding, racing, and qualities.


One of the most important parts of an NFT platform in the marketplace. Interested investors can acquire the in-game assets here. The numerous breeds of horses are displayed in an NFT game platform like Zed Run.


Breeding is the process of combining two separate horses to produce a new horse. The user has the option of breeding horses from their own stable or from horses on the market, for which they must pay in cryptocurrency.


The horses are ready for the race once they have been bred. The [golden race] is the first race in which a horse competes. Following the completion of the first race, the races are divided into tiers. Every time a horse wins a race, they get promoted to the next level.


The attributes include the horses that are available, the stock to which they belong, their breed type, and more.

Benefits of Our Gaming Platform:

1. A tremendous package of benefits

2. For a long period, a stable and robust platform

3. There are roughly 38000 Exordiums recorded in this unusual group of horses.

4. A compelling clone script with approximately 1000 horses ready to be purchased. In-game items that have been pre-loaded

Why Choose Blockchain Technologies to Start an NFT Game like Zed Run?

The intriguing NFT Game the Zed Run is delivered by Blockchain Technologies, the leading NFT MarketPlace Development Company, for the optimal use case of the racing platform searchers. The Zed Run Clone Script is provided to the Cryptosphere with all of the original Blockchain-powered NFT Game’s features.

We’ve also designed a number of NFT initiatives that heavily rely on the Blockchain as their principal operating foundation. We offer White Label NFT MarketPlace functioning on the basis of Non-Fungible Tokens over several chains like Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Ethereum, and Tron offering different applications to different classes of audiences due to the internationally active performance of NFT MarketPlace.

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