Top 10 Big Brands Entering into the NFT World
February 7, 2024

Top Big Brands Entering into the NFT World

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By 2022, the trillion-dollar marketing business is expected to include NFTs, one of the biggest trends in the market today. While some believe that the development of NFTs is just the next hot trend, we are convinced that they will continue to grow and improve in the years to come. Numerous companies have already realized the enormous potential of NFTs and anticipate far more opportunities.

NFTs have been increasingly popular as major brands like Coca-Cola and Lamborghini explore how they might use the technology to enhance consumer engagement and service. Moreover, noteworthy companies are also entering into the NFT market and million-dollar NFT sales have become the norm, indicating a much more major transformation toward digital living.

Let us see the top Big brands jumping into the NFTs space.

1. Coca-Cola

From the aspect of a major brand, Coca-Cola was one of the early innovators. Coca-Cola published a set of four NFTs in July 2021 to commemorate International Friendship Day. These animated, one-of-a-kind digital artworks provided multi-sensory experiences. It unlocked unexpected products including a Coca-Cola Friendship Card modeled after the original 1940s artwork and a “Coca-Cola Bubble Jacket Wearable” that can be worn in the virtual reality platform Decentraland. Holders were of course free to exchange these products on secondary markets.

In December 2021, Coca-Cola released a fresh batch of 4 branded NFTs via the VeVe platform. As part of a blind box offering, it featured a collection of festival-themed digital collectible snow globes with falling snow and the recognizable Coke polar bears. This meant that until your successful purchase, you were unaware of the collectible or rarity you had acquired.

2. Adidas

Sportswear manufacturer Adidas Originals debuted its first NFT drop of physical and digital things in December 2021. For the NFT release, it had teamed up with well-known figures in the NFT community, such as the Bored Ape Yacht Club, gmoney, and the creators of Punks Comic.

NFTs give customers access to tangible hoodies, tracksuits, and the recognizable orange beanie of gmoney in addition to virtual wearables for the blockchain-based gaming industry. Adidas also purchased an NFT for itself, an Indigo Herz Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT. Then, in January 2022, Adidas and Italian luxury brand Prada teamed up to introduce an NFT initiative based on the Polygon network that would let fans contribute their own designs.

3. Nike

In December 2021, Nike, one of the most recognizable and enduring global sports brands, also dove headfirst into NFTs. But after decades of building a prosperous sports brand without many brand affiliations, acquisitions, or mergers, Nike bought RTFKT. In a word, when Nike made strides into the NFT area, everyone took notice.

One of RTFKT’s co-founders, Benoit Pagatto, stated that this was a special chance to establish the RTFKT brand and that the company was thrilled to tap into Nike’s foundational strength and know-how to develop the communities it cares about. We’re thrilled to expand our brand, which was fully established in the metaverse, because Nike is the only company in the world that shares our profound enthusiasm for community, innovation, and creativity.

4. Lamborghini

Swedish artist Fabian Ofner has announced the release of their first Lamborghini NFT. The NFT unveils a concept with a Lamborghini car in an environment that is inspired by space. The business wants to capitalize on the current NFT trend and draw young people into the NFT community. 

A Lamborghini is shown being shot into space from Earth while also disintegrating in the picture, which has a space theme at its core. The business also disclosed that it would put up five NFTs for auction on its website. These five carbon fiber squares will be united by a unique digital piece of art. Lamborghini awarded these squares their respective QR codes. 

The luxury high-performance car company is needed to provide further information about the NFT soon, including the nature of the original artwork and the identity of the creator. Its components, including the engine, data, the suspension, and countless nuts and bolts, are flying forth like a rocket’s exhaust.

5. Samsung

In the first few weeks of January 2022, Samsung declared that it would start supporting NFTs more extensively with its 2022 TV lineup. The fractured viewing and purchasing landscape of today is more severe than ever, according to Samsung’s press release.

The first TV screen-based NFT explorer will be launched by Samsung, and the company will also unveil a marketplace aggregator, a ground-breaking platform that lets you browse, purchase, and display your favorite artwork all in one location. It is planned that the NFT platform would be made available when the forthcoming TVs begin to arrive in the months of 2022. And it’s still not done. In the blockchain-powered decentraland metaverse, Samsung also launched its weirdly called “837X” virtual world in January 2022.

6. Louis Vuitton

This iconic French luxury apparel brand also joined the NFT frenzy. Louis The Game, which highlights its rich past through NFTs and in-game innovations, was produced by the brand to celebrate Louis Vuitton’s 200th birthday, Even a dedicated character named Vivienne who was made to mimic Louis Vuitton is featured in the video game.

As you play, you can learn more about the history of the fashion house and gather the monogram candles required to advance to higher levels. In the game, you may even learn about Louis Vuitton’s history by collecting postcards and other artifacts. You can also customize your character with various Louis Vuitton monogram patterns and colorways.

7. McDonald’s

To celebrate the restoration of the fast-food restaurant’s well-known sandwich back to its menu, the fast-food giant created a limited run of 10 McRib NFTs. To generate excitement about the McRib’s temporary reappearance and constrained availability, McDonald’s released a small number of NFTs as a part of a digital collection of collectible artwork showcasing the sandwich. 

Only those who retweeted the brand’s invitation could access the collection of 10 distinct McRib NFTs; more than 21,000 people did so in a matter of hours, and close to 93,000 NFTs had done so by the beginning of 2022.

8. Pepsi

With the “Pepsi Mic Drop” genesis NFT collection, Pepsi announced the brand’s first-ever entry into the rapidly developing field of NFT in December 2021. According to the company’s press announcement, “The exclusive generative qualities of the Pepsi Mic Drop origin NFT series are generated randomly by an algorithm, making each NFT completely unique and different.

The Pepsi Mic Drop NFTs are based on various microphone visuals and are inspired by well-known Pepsi flavors, such as the traditional blue Pepsi, silver diet Pepsi, red Pepsi wild cherry, black Pepsi zero sugar, and the fan-favorite crystal Pepsi, among others. Customers had to join a waitlist in order to mint one of the 1,843 Pepsi Mic Drop NFTs for free after being validated. The Pepsi NFT collection was conceived and produced by VaynerNFT.

9. Ray-Ban

The first non-fungible token (NFT) eyewear is being offered by Ray-Ban, and it was developed in partnership with extravagant German artist Oliver Latta.

The renowned aviator sunglasses by Ray-Ban have been highlighted on NFT, and according to fashion united UK, the eyewear manufacturer is auctioning the item through the NFT marketplace, open sea. As Ray-first Ban’s virtual product that will introduce customers to the Metaverse, the eyewear firm has accomplished a new milestone for their irreplaceable token eyeglasses. 

The newest fashion brand to issue a non-fungible token (NFT) is Ray-Ban, and now that the door has been opened, the eyewear company will have to continue issuing NFTs in the future.

10. Gucci

Gucci announced their collaboration with Superplastic and NFT superstars Janky and Guggimon at the end of 2021. Although the partnership’s specifics were not yet known, it fit the storyline of well-known companies collaborating with crypto-native ventures to gain recognition in the metaverse.

The SuperGucci collection, which includes 10 collaborative pieces designed alongside toy giant Superplastic, was then released at the end of January 2022, marking the global fashion house’s significant entry into the NFT market. Each was produced and created in collaboration with web3 toy and clothing company Superplastic. Notably, each NFT is accompanied by a handcrafted ceramic figurine that Gucci creatives collaborated on.

Wrapping Up

By introducing NFTs, each of these companies is adding something special to the list. These businesses can better communicate with their fans thanks to NFTs, which are also bringing in new cash. Even some businesses are employing some of these cash for social responsibility programs, giving them a competitive advantage.


NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are unique digital assets created using blockchain technology, making them impossible to duplicate or trade as fungible assets. Brands are exploring NFTs due to their wide-ranging applications and the ability to engage audiences in new and innovative ways.

NFT creators have earned over $1.9 billion in royalty revenues, showcasing the lucrative potential of this digital asset class

Starbucks introduced the Starbucks Odyssey blockchain-based loyalty program, while DraftKings established an NFT marketplace focused on accessibility and Autograph’s NFTs on the Ethereum Layer 2 blockchain.

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