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IEO,IDO and STO Development Services

IEO stands for Initial Exchange Offering and is a potential fundraising mechanism. A firm, a small business, or an individual can form an IEO with the help of an IEO development and raise fund in exchange for their ideas. Blockchain Technologies has established itself as one of the early pioneers in the token offering sector as a seasoned STO development company in Australia. We offer an extensive STO development process that takes care of everything from start to finish, thanks to a diverse set of services and a team of highly skilled professionals.

Blockchain Technologies, a leading IEO, STO, and IDO development company in Sydney, has created an easy-to-use website that allows you to sell your tokens and encourages investors to get started right away. Our blockchain experts are working on a custom platform for your services that will help you attract more clients.

Development from Scratch

This category entails the creation of an ICO for the company, followed by the creation of an MVP, and lastly the launch of the IEO.

Launchpad Development

Because the firm has already completed the ICO development, the exchange provider only launches the IEO at this time.

Assist with Existing ICO and IEO

IEO can be used by a pre-existing firm with a significant user base to acquire capital and develop their business abroad. BitTorrent is an example of Existing IEO.

Initial Exchange Offering, or IEO, is a prospective fundraising programme. With the help of an IEO development company, a small business or an individual can create an IEO and raise funding in exchange for their ideas. Investors that are interested in the project contribute digital currency to the offering and are rewarded with tokens in exchange for their support. Until the project becomes a real-time application, the exchange platform provider promotes the project on their own platform for existing investors using various IEO marketing services such as push notifications, banners, and advertisements.

What is IEO Development Services?

IEO, Initial Exchange Offering, is a revolutionary blockchain-based approach for companies to compete in the cryptocurrency and crowdfunding markets. It can be used to keep track of the tokens created by businesses, most notably startups and small firms. It’s a novel way to raise donations, and it’s a step forward in the token-powered fundraising process.   Blockchain Technologies has been studying the blockchain industry since its beginnings and is capable of providing organizations with end-to-end IEO launch services in Australia.

IEO Onboarding Scrutiny

The token developers' initiatives are screened by the exchange platform that hosts the IEO.

Trustworthy Services

Investors begin to trust the IEO project tokens when the project has been screened and approved.

KYC/AML Processing

The exchange platform follows strict KYC/AML standards and collects all of the participants' information.

Smart Contract Insights

Unlike an ICO, when it comes to IEO, the exchange platform is responsible for all smart contract laws.

Launchpad Promotions

Because the exchange platform takes the initiative, you can save a lot of money on marketing when you execute an IEO.

Safety and Security

Investors do not need to be concerned about security because the exchange handles all KYC/AML requirements.

Our IEO Development Process

Why Choose Blockchain Technologies for IEO, STO, IDO Development Services?

Blockchain Technologies, a top IE0, IDO, and STO development firm in Sydney has created an easy-to-use website that allows you to sell your tokens and encourages investors to get started right away. Our professionals provide a unique platform for your services that will help you attract more customers. We, as the most sought-after IEO Development Company, know what it takes to succeed in the cryptocurrency market, and we’re dedicated to delivering exceptional outcomes for you.

Token Creation and Deployment

For your fundraising campaign, we generate your currency on the Ethereum, Stellar, or EOS platforms as per your requirement.

Crypto Trading Exchange Work Flow

Even if you don't need a listing service, our partnerships with the leading exchange platforms will make it easier for you to complete your IEO.

Project Light Paper Drafting

A simplified version of your white paper that presents your company in a readable and trustworthy manner for investors.

Project White Paper Drafting

To entice token buyers, provide a detailed description of the objective of your tokens, their answer to society, and much more.

Project Pitch Deck Preparation

To ensure that investors have a thorough understanding of the project, quick, easy, and legitimate details about it were created.

Marketing Services

Take advantage of digital marketing services to give your IEO tokens a great start on the crypto market.

IEO Marketing Services

Our expertise with ICOs has given us significant insight into marketing to the crypto community and investors.We have an expert team of creative designers, engaging content writers, and motivated SEO analysts who will make your project go viral in the market as an IEO Marketing Company. Our services have enabled our clients to attain their softcap, allowing them to begin their projects with ease.

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Steps for Successful IEO Marketing Services

Landing Page Development

Creating a landing page to route all advertisement posts or link hits to a single page, from which investors will be guided to the appropriate page.

Project Website Development

We create a gorgeous website that, unlike a landing page, contains numerous pages and serves multiple conversion purposes

Market Research

In-depth market research aids us in determining the crypto-centric market's wants and the most effective manner to offer the tokens.

Social Media Profile Management

On the token sale, we raise brand awareness and FOMO among the audience, preparing them for the big event.

Community Development

Creating a community and providing regular updates on the tokens, launch, values, and event date, among other things. In this manner, an interaction is created.

Project Profile Management

Manage and consistently maintain a positive image of the tokens among investors on various social media platforms and forums.

Content Marketing

Create great and captivating content and distribute it across several media to establish the brand.

Press Release

Creating fantastic press releases about the token sale far ahead of time to attract more investors to the event.

Email Marketing

Email marketing to a select set of investors on a regular basis to build buzz, credibility, and eventually convert them into potential leads.

Influencer Marketing

We go out to people who are on the verge of buying your tokens and raise awareness about them with the support of significant people in the crypto world.

Paid Campaigns

Paid advertising is one of the simplest ways to give your tokens the exposure they require and increase their visibility among token buyers.

Video Marketing

We broadcast efficient videos on popular social media sites, inducing people to invest in your tokens instinctively, resulting in exceptional results.

Our Technology Development Stack

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