Crypto investment & Trading advisory platform Development
March 20, 2024

Crypto Investment & Trading advisory Platform Development

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Blockchain Technologies as a company specializes in software development for Crypto Investment Platform Development Company

We have pre-built components for various aspects of the investment software architecture. We assist cryptocurrency investment enterprises in their early stages of cryptocurrency development. We create consumer products from the scratch, using just the logic that is unique to your company. Execution engines, portfolios, investor frontends, trading algorithms, and connectivity to crypto and traditional exchanges are all ready to be incorporated into your solution… See More

Our Software Solutions for Crypto Trading Platform Development

Liquidity Engine – Market-making software for crypto exchanges

Liquidity Analytics Dashboard – Crypto Exchange monitoring software.

Crypto algorithm trading engine – Algorithm trading engine.

Crypto Robo Advisor – Portfolio management system

Crypto Trading Signals

Cryptocurrencies are unquestionably the way of the future. As the value of cryptocurrencies rises, more individuals are following the crowd to invest in them, even if they don’t understand why.

The number of crypto investors has exploded in recent years. Young people make up a big part of this group.

Crypto trading necessitates patience and a significant degree of data-driven decision-making. In crypto trading, guesswork can lead to harmful outcomes or even losses. As a result, proper decision-making necessitates acquiring the relevant information utilizing precise methodologies. The usage of crypto trading signals is one of the most effective approaches in crypto trading.

We simplified Crypto Investing

Cryptocurrency investments can be complex and loaded with risk. Blockchain Technologies helps you get started by providing a crypto investment platform designed by successful traders and specialists.

Manage your risk

Maximize profits based on your risk tolerance. We offer a variety of investment alternatives with different risk/reward profiles.

Sets of coin

Experts actively maintain Coin Sets, which are theme-based bundles of cryptocurrencies. They assist you in reducing risk by allowing you to diversify your assets across a theme. Invest in concepts that you believe in and see your wealth develop over time!

Automatic Trading Process

Traders and investors can create automated trading systems that allow computers to execute and monitor deals based on exact entry, exit, and money management rules. Typically, automated trading systems require software that is tied to a direct access broker, and any special rules must be developed in the platform’s proprietary language.


Both APY and APR are based on interest rates, but they also take into account other factors. APRs provide you an estimate of what you might owe, but APYs give you the most precise picture of an account’s earning potential. Comparing accounts just on the basis of interest rates is less realistic than comparing accounts using APR and APY.

Security of the crypto exchange

End-to-end encryption is required for the crypto trade. The need of holding assets in both hot and cold wallets is crucial for risk diversification. Because the location (an exchange) with a large number of crypto assets is a pot of gold for hackers all over the world, all security issues are given top emphasis. It takes time and money to avoid all of the important areas that could lead to a security breach.

Crypto Advisor Services

Crypto advisory software is a wealth and portfolio management platform with the most powerful algorithmic engine on the market, allowing users to create advanced investing algorithms or offer pre-built cryptocurrency portfolios. It employs artificial intelligence to provide advisors with unique insights into their clients in order to reduce churn and boost engagement. These two traits set Advisor apart from the rest of the advice industry. It will also distinguish your services on both the traditional and cryptocurrency markets.

Components of a Trading advisory platform

Dashboard for investors

Portfolio performance analysis, investment management, and all communication and reporting can all be seen in one place.

Algorithmic Engine

An algorithmic engine is a computer program that uses algorithms to solve problems. A set of algorithms developed by finance experts and converted into code by software engineers to calibrate a client’s portfolio based on their objectives and risks.

Portfolio Balancing and Asset Allocation

Asset management are automated based on risk and allocation targets.

AI-assisted Behavioral Analysis

Based on transaction data and analyzed by AI-powered algorithms, tools for studying and predicting client behavior.

Portfolio Optimization and Construction

According to the Modern Portfolio Theory, essential management tools are model portfolio construction and portfolio management.

Analyze the Health of your Portfolio

A bundle of tools for analyzing various data and making portfolio changes for clients. The information obtained during the process can be utilized to fine-tune portfolio offers in the future.

Question Generator

A function that comes in handy when creating risk profiles. Wealth managers who supervise them might construct questions with varying degrees of difficulty that can be valuable during the onboarding process.

Why choose Blockchain Technologies for Crypto Investing & Trading Advisory Platform Development?

Our development work moved at a good rate because the cryptocurrency Investing platform was built from the ground up. We created a lot of new features, as well as improved the design and infrastructure. We used the Scrum technique, and the team developed naturally, eventually becoming a complicated platform. We did a complete audit, offered a number of architectural enhancements, and set up the project documentation in addition to the development. Today, the platform has begun to recuperate labor costs, the customer has a large number of clients, and the cryptocurrency trading platform is still being developed.


A crypto investment and trading advisory platform typically offers features such as real-time market analysis, portfolio management tools, trading signals, risk assessment, personalized recommendations, and educational resources to assist users in making informed investment decisions in the volatile cryptocurrency market. 

Blockchain technology enhances security in crypto investment platforms by providing transparent and immutable transaction records, secure storage of digital assets through cryptographic techniques, decentralized governance mechanisms, and protection against fraud and unauthorized access, ensuring trust and integrity in the platform. 

Robo-advisors automate investment processes by using algorithms and data analysis to provide personalized investment recommendations, rebalance portfolios, and execute trades efficiently, offering users a convenient and cost-effective way to manage their cryptocurrency investments with minimal human intervention. 

Crypto trading platforms differ from traditional investment platforms by operating 24/7, offering a wide range of cryptocurrencies for trading, providing high liquidity, lower fees, and enabling users to engage in margin trading, derivatives, and decentralized finance (DeFi) activities, catering to the dynamic nature of the crypto market. 

Using a crypto robo-advisor for managing a cryptocurrency portfolio offers benefits such as automated portfolio rebalancing, risk management, diversified investment strategies, data-driven decision-making, cost efficiency, and accessibility to advanced trading tools, empowering users to optimize their investment performance in the crypto market. 

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