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What is a security token offering (STO)?

The Security Token Offering, or STO, is the most creative and safe way to use blockchain technology to generate financing for a project or make a public offering of your company’s shares. The Security Token Offering (STO) was designed to bring institutional investors into the cryptocurrency and blockchain world. With the incorporation of smart contracts, blockchain will automate legal and auditing needs through the trustless network.

Blockchain Technologies in Australia is the premier security token offering and asset tokenization provider, based on distributed ledger technology, and will construct cutting-edge state-of-the-art security token platforms.

Security Token offering Services:

The development of cryptocurrency into asset tokenization is a natural evolution since it allows traditional assets and commodities to be transferred to the blockchain, providing coin holders with liquidity that was previously unavailable in the digital space.

We are pioneers in Security Token Platforms at Blockchain Technologies, and we don’t only develop. We offer the most comprehensive STO service on the market, from network development to marketing. We also provide advice and consultancy services for security token launches to our clients.

Features of Security Token offering

The Ethereum Blockchain, together with ERC-20, is insufficient to meet the needs of securities-backed tokens. To address the challenges, Blockchain Technologies creates bespoke scalable blockchains and smart contracts based on Ethereum, Hyperledger, or Stellar to meet the needs.

Other advantages of security tokens include improved market efficiency, decreased gas fees, and fractionalization of larger assets. If a company meets the necessary regulatory requirements, a security token sale can open up a world of possibilities for a wide range of applications.

Legally Compliant Tokens

The tokens are incorporated with a smart contract that has the registered jurisdiction’s regulations inscribed in it. These include fundraising legal frameworks, investor qualification rules, and transfer transaction limits.

Global Investor Participation

When multiple countries are active in secondary trade, issuers have difficulties. Our tokens can be exchanged across borders, but they must conform to securities laws because they are securities. The smart contract is used to construct conditionality for token sales and secondary trading.


All transactions, including conditional ones, are transparent to financial regulators thanks to blockchain. The advantages of a transparent environment will aid the cryptocurrency market’s regulation by the government. Because transfer agents’ processes are being automated, entrepreneurs will be able to raise funds in a more efficient and cost-effective manner.


We at Blockchain Technologies we develop that allows issuance businesses to reissue tokens to investors if they lose their wallet keys, subject to certain rules and limitations. The wallet must meet legal criteria, and investors must be able to recover their lost tokens.

What are the types of STO?

1. Equity Tokens

Equity tokens are a sort of security token that represents ownership of a specific asset, such as corporate stock or debt.

2. Debt Tokens

Debt tokens are the equivalent of a short-term loan with a fixed interest rate on the amount borrowed.

3. Utility Tokens

Users can utilize utility tokens to gain later access to a product or service. Companies can use utility tokens to raise funding for blockchain project development.

4. Asset-Backed Tokens

A token produced on the blockchain platform that is linked to a tangible or intangible object of value is known as an asset-backed token.

Benefits of Tokenization

Security Token offering Services at Blockchain Technologies

STO Development

The Ethereum Blockchain’s ERC-20 technology, which has been utilized to build tokens, does not meet the standards for asset-backed and securities-backed tokens. Some of the challenges include gas prices, network congestion, and protocol issues.

To address these obstacles, Blockchain Technologies creates scalable blockchain and smart contracts that are tailored to the client’s and other platforms’ needs.

The network’s development also includes features such as legally compliant tokens, worldwide investor engagement, increased transaction transparency, and wallets for token holders.

STO Exchange Platform

The development team for the Blockchain Technologies security exchange strives to provide a platform that is secure, trustworthy, and functional.

With all of the latest technology, it is possible to create an asset token exchange that is compliant with SEC regulations, ensuring that the entire process is secure and legal.

STO Marketing

One of the elements of a successful STO launch is marketing. It’s critical to ensure that investors are aware of and understand your goal so that they can feel safe and confident that the investment they’re making is legal.

Here are a few reasons why security tokens appeal to entrepreneurs?

STO Road Map- blockchaintechs

Entry is rather easy

Security tokens, which are cryptographic tokens, can be used to tokenize any asset, from debt to parking spaces. Smaller businesses can raise financing through private capital markets at reduced upfront expenses thanks to this flexibility.

Get more for less

In Security Token Offering. The biggest benefit is that the founders don’t have to give up their voting rights or board positions. It gives the founding teams peace of mind and allows them to concentrate on developing the company’s earnings. Another benefit is that issuers of security tokens can offer a share of profit tokens or a simple dividend. As a result, the founders can maintain a significant portion of the company’s ownership while token holders can benefit from dividend rights. The issuance of a security token does not necessitate the transfer of voting rights to investors.

Accessibility to Institutional Capital

Security tokens provide a gateway for traditional finance into the blockchain realm due to the regulated structure of Security Token Offerings. Security Token Offerings can be used to raise money from all around the world. Though ICOs attracted global investment, they were limited to established businesses that could afford the overhead and fees associated with soliciting foreign financing. Because the blockchain space is decentralized, the post-STO liquidity is greater than that of tokens limited to a single jurisdiction.

Why Choose Us for Security Token Offering Services?

For the duration of the STO process, the Blockchaintechs team will provide online and offline support. Our technical team also provides assistance to the community through crypto forums, Reddit, ticketing systems, and live chats. To retain community confidence, we make every effort to respond to every helpdesk ticket. A dashboard will be provided for investor management for the issuer and fund management for the investors once the token has been produced with regulations included in the smart contract. The dashboard created by the Blockchaintechs team is an all-in-one platform that allows you to manage KYC/AML data, Accredited Investors, Market Cap, Fund Raising, and Investments all in one place. Audit trails, checklists, activities, and the usual reporting process can all be viewed in a secure manner.


Blockchain Technologies in Australia is a leading provider of security token offering and asset tokenization services. They leverage distributed ledger technology to develop cutting-edge security token platforms, enabling the transfer of traditional assets and commodities onto the blockchain for increased liquidity.

Security Token Offerings provide a regulated structure that allows traditional finance to enter the blockchain realm. Unlike ICOs, STOs can attract global investment and are not limited to established businesses with high overhead costs for soliciting foreign financing.

Blockchain Technologies offers a full suite of services for security token launches, from platform development to marketing strategies. Our team provides technical support through various channels.

Blockchain Technologies stands out for its expertise in security token offerings and asset tokenization. They not only develop cutting-edge platforms but also provide a holistic STO service that encompasses network development, marketing, consultancy, and extensive support for clients, ensuring a comprehensive and successful STO process.

Blockchain Technologies provides a comprehensive range of services for STOs, including network development, marketing, consultancy, and advice for security token launches. They are pioneers in Security Token Platforms and offer extensive support both online and offline to ensure community confidence.