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White-Label Crypto Launchpad Development Services

The IDO Token Launchpad is a straightforward mechanism for the project to distribute tokens and coins while avoiding listing costs. With our Whitelabel  Launchpad development, we let small businesses and entrepreneurs construct their own crypto launchpad. IDO Token Launchpad Development gives investors rapid liquidity, a lot of freedom, and a lot of money.

We, Blockchain Technologies, deliver White-Label Launchpad Development Services with achieving sustainability and transparency, as well as the unrestricted launch of multiple IDO coins. The team at the best Crypto Launchpad Development Company develops a standard IDO token launchpad that is both economical and accessible to all types of consumers.

What is Crypto Launchpad and How does it work?

In general, a crypto launchpad is a virtual small council where many crypto initiatives in their early stages can be staged. As a result, crypto project owners approach launchpad platforms to list their initiatives, familiarize potential investors with them, and finally raise funding. Now, regardless of the sort of fundraising, have a look at the basic functions.

Launch pad

Then they approach a launchpad platform, which will act as a catalyst for capital raising. The platform will assess the initiative to ensure its legitimacy.


After the projects have been approved, they will be listed on the platform, and investors will be able to purchase the platform's native tokens and invest them in any project they like.


If the total money received on the platform fulfills the project's financial conditions, the owners can move forward with the project.

Our White Label Platform Development Services


Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

The Initial Coin Offering (ICO), also known as a token sale, is a popular funding tool for startups and small businesses. The operation of an ICO fundraising platform is very similar to the operation of an IPO model. If a startup or small firm wants to raise funds using the ICO model, interested investors can purchase a tiny portion of the offering in exchange for a new crypto token issued by the company. The company's crypto token can be purchased with either digital or fiat currency.

Initial Exchange Offering (IEO)

It is the most recent fundraising model in the cryptocurrency industry. The main distinction between an ICO and an IEO is that an ICO requires investors to fund the project directly, whereas an IEO involves a third-party exchange platform. Startups and small business entities also use IEO to raise funding. By carrying out a token deal on the third-party exchange platform, the capital is enhanced.


Initial Dex Offering (IDO)

In the current trend where projects seek to boost funding via IDO, it is a reliable fundraising technique. By introducing the newest innovations to society, this successful fundraising approach offers entrepreneurs the best financial help to start their businesses. The ability of IDO to promote your concept to a global audience also inspires investors to support the expansion of your company.

Initial Liquidity Offering (ILO)

It is a smart fundraising strategy that companies use to raise money. Bypassing the Initial Coin Offering process, the startups offer the token directly on the DeFi Decentralized Exchanges. These tokens are created in an exchange where there is already a market for them that benefits the project owners and enables investors to purchase them at a low cost.

Initial Game Offering

Initial Game Offering (IGO)

NFT-backed gaming platforms are one of the newest developments in the cryptosphere. Through several launchpads, investors can invest in these cryptocurrency game projects. Benefits like discounts or access to exclusive in-game features will be tucked away for participants or investors. Popular IGO launchpads include GameFi, Enjinstarter, and others.

Our White Label Launchpad Development Services

Automated liqudity pool

Automated-Liquidity Pools

Our top-notch crypto launchpad now has an automatic liquidity function that enables users to contribute to a money pool and share returns.

Fund raising

Top Fundraising Models

Our Crypto launchpad has the ability to develop a variety of brand-new funding channels. We suggest revenue-collection models on the platform.

Token investment

Token Investment

Users can put tokens into DeFi savings accounts thanks to our system. We make sure a project is used to generate money for the sale of valuable tokens.



For a better solution, our blockchain development company makes sure to provide a strong launchpad for each of our clients that includes a list of your organization's entities.


Staking Module

Based on the tokens placed on the white-label cross-solution crypto platform, it enables managers to build a variety of investor categories for round-ups.

Multi wallet

Multi-wallet Integration

We can integrate digital wallets using a feature in our white-label cross-chain launchpad. From cryptocurrency activities, users can obtain tokens.

Business development

Business Development

Our launchpad increases the project's investment opportunities and prime focus among shareholders, motivating them to increase their involvement in the venture.


KYC Compliance

Using our KYC compliance technology, the platform owner can accept user identity credentials prior to providing authorization to use the launchpad platform.

We Build High Performance Stable and White-Label Launchpad Development

At Blockchain Technologies – Sydney, we are dedicated to using the best solution created by the most capable professional in the field. To work on your project, we recruit, develop, and encourage the top blockchain, launchpad, and cryptocurrency developers in the business. Launchpad Consultation, Fundraising Model Inclusion, Wallet Integration, and Whitelabel Launchpad Development are just a few of the many launchpad development services we offer.


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Our White Label Launchpad On Different Blockchains


Binance Like Launchpad Development

Projects can be started in the Binance Smart Chain using the BSC pad, a generic IDO launchpad. The possibility of lower transaction costs and higher throughput propels the platform successfully with a huge audience traction and offers superior business opportunities in blockchain. This launchpad captivates their community to focus on your project for continuous benefits.

Polkastar Like Launchpad Development

The Polkadot protocol for auctions and token pools served as the foundation for Polkastar, an extensible decentralized exchange platform. The interoperability feature of Polkastarter enables it to create a network between private and public blockchain.


Red Kite Like Launchpad Development

With the various launchpad types that are now on the market, new crypto ventures can have effective launches. Investors can hold a token sale for the new projects thanks to Red Kite's recent entry into the IDO market.

Trustpad Like Launchpad Development

Trustpad is a completely decentralized platform that serves as a focal point for DEX initiatives to raise money for them. Trustpad is one of the IDO launchpads where project owners list their projects in an effort to increase their credibility and raise money.


Our Filter Features in White-Label Launchpad Platform

These are the main filters in our white label launchpad platform and we customized and add filters based on the users and client’s suggestion

Recent list

Recently Listed

Information on the recently listed projects is available through our launch.

Upcoming list

Upcoming Listed

Here, we filter upcoming projects and launch information will be displayed.

Trending list

Trending Listed

Here you will find a list of popular projects with a lot of viewer interest.

Our White-Label Launchpad Development Process


Clollecting requirement

Collecting Requirements

It will be prudent to proceed with the development phase of an White-Label Launchpad Platform only after completing thorough study.

Planning & Execution

Planning & Execution

The installation of an White-Label Launchpad Development should take into account all of your company's requirements. For bringing forth the desired features in the exact manner that you wanted, a suitable planning phase is required.




This is the stage at which the entire development process will be put to the test and permitted to run in real time. This is the portion when you're more likely to know if your progress has gone well, thus it necessitates a high level of monitoring to achieve excellence.




Once the development stage is completed. You should check and verify the White-Label Launchpad quality here. To accomplish this, you should run several tests and guarantee the reliability of the produced arrangement. In the event of a malfunction, it is critical to address any and all issues as soon as possible.


Our Technology Development Stack

Why Choose Blockchain Technologies for White-Label Launchpad Development Services?

Expanding Ecosystem

Expanding Ecosystem

We deliver innovations to the increasing ecosystem that are essential for businesses to diversify their market approach.

Market Monitoring

Market Monitoring

Our Launchpad serves as a marketing tool for the client and provides the finest audience-wide understanding of the project.

Experienced Developers

Experienced Developers

We have a group of knowledgeable developers, thus we produce innovative blockchain development ideas. Your changes are carefully considered and put into practise by our developers as a top priority.



For projects to be created in the top blockchain networks and advertised on platforms, we offer launchpad development services.


Multiple Blockchain Support

The Multiple blockchain network on which your cryptocurrency launchpad development should be built can really be recommended to our developers.


Open Source

We offer a cryptocurrency launchpad, an open-source platform with a blockchain-based environment that enables early access to the token.